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Bumble Bee in the Jewelweed

Bumble Bee in the Jewelweed

Witnessing the dizzying flight of the bumbles as they visit each flower in turn, coating themselves in the pollen as they push deep into the flower to sip nectar.  Buried deep in the petals leaving their jewelweed colored pantaloons out for all to see. One must stop and watch the bees. This simple pause allows you to tune into the frequencies of nature. In the hustle and bustle of life, we don’t take time to smell the flowers… or watch the bees!

My sister is allergic to this classification of stinging insects, which includes wasps and hornets, as well as bees. My daughter is allergic to the other classification of stinging and biting insects,  that encompasses mosquitoes, black flies, and fleas. I am one of the lucky ones. I just do not get bit. The Fireman says it’s because I am not sweet enough (not nice right?!). Fine then, I don’t mind not getting bit.

Growing up here in New England, I remember seeing a lot more bees, and come to think of it, more butterflies too. This year alone, I have only seen one of each monarch and swallowtail butterflies! As for the bees, I have not seen the black and white bumbles we called king bees for many years.

Here on The Suburban Reaper, I am going to do my part to help these buzz buzz ones survive and thrive.  Join me on this adventure of everything bees. I will share my attempts at raising, planting bee friendly crops, and advocating for these and all pollinators.