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bee pillow

My husband loves Christmas, well he really loves all holidays. From my posting on Thanksgiving you know that celebrating the holidays on its determined time and not before is important to us! We never do anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving is well and truly over!

Our first married Christmas together the bank really messed up our account. We were stationed at RAF Alconbury, England with the US Air Force. This was in the early 90’s and on-line banking was not readily available and it took months before we were able to fix everything. So Christmas was delayed until we could afford to celebrate it in the fashion that we wanted to. We did observe the holiday with our new friends and family on the base. Caroling around base housing riding on one of the fire trucks and running the sirens until people would come out and listen to us. I swear they brought us treats and alcohol so we would stop singing! The Fire Chief drove us crazy because he was fixated on one carol and that was all he wanted to sing. 


The British celebrate Christmas a bit differently than we Americans do. Santa Claus is Father Christmas and Boxing Day (Dec 26) is important. This is where we picked up our love affair with Christmas Crackers. Now, no Christmas is complete with out the popping of a cracker! The second year we were there Calandra was four. She had started half days of school and after the Christmas break she would be going for a full day many of the American dependent children went to this school . Here we encounter more differences between The Brits and we Yanks. Calandra performed in a Christmas play, she was a bird and sang to the baby Jesus (I to this day don’t know why a bird but she sure was adorable). Yep, no separation of Church and State there! We also went caroling with her school and discovered that there are at least two Christmas hymns that have different melodies in England, Away in a Manger was one of them. So the British adults and kids sang their version first and we Americans followed it up with ours.

Blade and Mojo sporting scarves made by Gram

Blade and Mojo sporting scarves made by Gram

This Christmas/Yule celebration was once again held at my daughter’s home in Manchester, NH. I had grabbed my grandmother, mother and Marti and went up there. Patrick once again rented table and chairs from MWR as the kids don’t have much in way of table or room. Patrick and I had put our lists of wants in Cozi and the kids just wrote their’s out.  The boys wanted and received treats from quinnsQuinn’s Canine Cafe. Everyone (human type) got a Christmas stocking (you can find some nice ones at the dollar store) with a clementine and a quarter in the toe as is tradition in our family. We have to buy new stockings every year as no one gives theirs back to us for next year. Calandra says you are not suppose to ask for gifts back! 

One of the many well appreciated (and too many) gifts that I received from The Fireman, was a bee pillow pet. He had put it in a large box, so I could not figure out what it was until I unwrapped it. You see, I have a habit of knowing the gift already… one of many traits that drives The Fireman crazy. So I get the bee out of the box and the first thing that I notice is that the bee has a red nose. Well if you know me I instantly focused on the offending member!

Me: “‘Why does the bee have a nose and why is it red”?
The Fireman: “Why do you have a weird look on your face, don’t you like it”?
Me: “I love it, but what’s with the nose”?

Well apparently the bee had a message for me and since I have not yet learned the language of the buzz buzz ones. The Fireman relayed it to me…

I am going to BEE SCHOOL. I am just buzzing with excitement, get it wink wink nudge nudge? I just have to sign up! I am really excited as I wanted to attend a formal class before I attempt to start a hive. I am going to sign up for the classes held in Lee, NH. Amy, one of the organizers for The Greater Seacoast Permaculture Group that I belong to, highly recommends this class. I believe she use to give it!

bee on sedum1

Not sure when it starts, they don’t have 2014 up yet but I do have an email into them to find out. I can’t wait to start. I am just adding to the arsenal and maybe I can help the buzz buzz ones!

As for the offending red nose on the pillow pet. I colored it in with a sharpie!

colored nose

The red keeps battling through

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