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Never fails, I run out of milk, eggs and bread the day before a snow storm. In fact, I believe that it storms because I run out of those items. So next time I do, I will post it so you all can be prepared!

We ran (drove about 30 mph) to Market Basket in Seabrook, NH grabbed the items as needed and put together a care package for Gram. The care package consisted of homemade piccalilli, Essem natural casing hot dogs, buns and short bread cookies. She loves her hot dogs (honestly they are the last processed food that I still eat… I know). We dropped it off for her and she gave us a cooked chicken… Yeah, I have no idea?!

Coming at you from snowy Salisbury, Massachusetts right on the coast . The winter storm has just been upgraded to a blizzard/Nor’Easter with the very good possibility of coastal flooding. Due to an astrologically high tide tonight we may see extensive flooding. Last year Plum Island lost eight homes to the surge and Salisbury had waves pouring into homes. In fact one woman had her sliding glass door collapse on her with the force of the water. She would of drowned if the fire department had not been coming in her front door as it happened.

The snow is insulating

The snow is insulating

Looking at about eight inches and 4 degree F at 1600 (military time minus 1200). The snow is very light and powdery, so instead of shoveling I just swept it. Our wonderful neighbor on the other hand plowed it and moved about eight inches back into our driveway. The Fireman is fit to be tied and will be having words with him if he does it again tomorrow. Looks like we could see anywhere between 12″ to 20″ by the time the storm ends sometime tomorrow.

Be safe everyone. Drive slow and to conditions! Just because you have a four or all wheel drive, does not mean you will not slide!